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Mantenimiento informatico
Mantenimiento informatico
Software Maintenance Level

All computers need software to run . The maintenance associated with this level focuses on the applications and data that reside on the system equipment . Putting in software on thousands of computers unfold over a different office or workplaces is not trivial and often cause errors as data reduction or erroneous behavior in applications .

Tecnico informatico

The main causes of these errors are due to:

The presence of software "pirate" or unauthorized .
Corporate application incompatibilities with the hardware or operating system .
Decontrol commercial software licenses .
Emergence of viruses that affect the software installed.

To avoid these problems are often carried out actions such as:

Cleaning files and programs on computers
Maintaining information stored
Appropriate operating system configuration
Review of computer security ( virus , firewall , etc. )

2.3 Maintenance Level of documentation

Systems documentation tells us what systems do , how they do and who they do. Understanding is essential to provide a system to whom it will be used to maintain it, to allow system audit and to teach users how to interact with the system and make it work as operands .

The importance of documentation could well be compared to the importance of the existence of an insurance coverage , as long as everything goes well there care to confirm if our Insurance Coverage is valid or not .

Proper documentation , complete and current , of a system you want to implement, maintain and update successfully , it is essential , however , is often the part which engages the shortest time and given less attention.

Always document a system as if he were about to go to Siberia next month , never to return . If system documentation is incomplete , could cause the system to become obsolete due to ignorance of its operation.

In the documentation of an information system , it must include a record each time you perform maintenance or change in the system.
The main task of this level is to create and update current documentation system each time you perform an action on the same .

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